Your Unexpected Role In Saving The Planet

Find out how you as an INDIVIDUALCORPORATE, or SCHOOL can further 
the RENEWALism Movement for Raising Human Consciousness through small changes in Habits 

RENEWALism is about renewing human consciousness so that we may live and work more mindfully, without driving our species into self-sabotage. It is based on self-empowerment through RENEWAL Habits that each individual can embrace.

When we are motivated by a higher consciousness to change habits and lifestyle, it results in reduction of exploitation and thriving co-dependently. Veganism is a recent example where humans have done this for animals. RENEWALism invites us to do this for ourselves!

What’s more, these “Habits” are not radically new things. These are proven ways of BE-ing, which have already worked for us for thousands of years. It is only in recent times, with the onset of the industrial age, that the man-machine-consciousness balance has been upset… and can very well be renewed.

Insightful, hard-hitting, and practical message about developing and practicing habits today that will ultimately prevent self-destruction.
Satabdi Mukherjee
Writer, Official Reedsy Reviewer
Jim Rohn meets Charles “Power of Habits” Duhigg meets Buddhist teachings rolled into an enjoyable story. This one truly has the power to move our community to a happier, sustainable future.
Ben Foster
Director, Nebsly Media, UK
Renewal explores the borders of science and takes us from there to the depths of consciousness. It is an incredible journey of enormous practical significance in this decade.
Arjun Aiyar
CEO – StepUP Management Solutions, UAE
“The Renewalist can easily overthrow the consumerist.” If we can apply this one message of Renewal through mindfulness, the post-pandemic bounce-back will be at a higher level.
Pravin Shekar
Outlier Marketer, India
Daily habits at individual, community and environmental health to be integrated into daily life. This extraordinary text deserves space and time for its reading – and re-reading.
Annabel Harz
Author & Creative Expressionist, Australia
As developers and marketers we are often conflicted by the impact of our actions. Sandeep Nath’s book addresses this dilemma and seeds the habits that put us on the right trajectory. Must-read.
Christian Farioli
CEO – ESD FZC Digital, Italy
Reading through and ‘living’ Renewal will provide purpose and direction, especially for the youth of today.
Sunil Robert
Author & Corporate Changemaker, USA
This book contributes to the ongoing conversation about the urgent issues of our times. It is my hope that it will be read widely to help avert catastrophe by addressing the desire to consume that fuels contemporary capitalism.
Chandana Mathur
Social Anthropologist, Ireland
Renewal is provocative, especially for technologists. Totally worth a read!
Babla Sharan
COO – Regalix Inc, USA
I’m thrilled to see that Renewal advocates the return to 5000-year-old practices like Qigong. The solution to modern lifestyle complexities lies in ancient oriental wisdom.
Ania Shynukova
Qigong Master & Healer, Ukraine inspirational strategy for saving the world one mind at a time. These guidelines will alter not only our consciousness but also the thoughts and feelings of those around us, and will have a positive effect on stressed global energies.
Barbara Bamberger Scott
Global Traveler, Author, Empowerer

Is the human race conclusively set for self-annihilation? As futurists prophesize, are we only decades away from extinguishing the planet? Or are we capable of changing this trajectory because of what YOU start today? 

Renewal is about how each one of us can:

  1. Renew ourselves at a body-mind-spirit level
  2. Renew our society and our environment and
  3. Renew the systems we operate with

As of 2020, Renewal is critical, because it is our laxity that has led to the current state of rising personal illness, mindless lifestyles, social degeneration, environmental degradation, and overall moral decay.

Written to serve as a practical guide for everyone’s day-to-day ‘karma,’ Renewal is set in the lives of a modern-day family. It is strung together by the charismatic Guru Pranachandra, whose discourse drives home the vital message: that the world is a mere 30 habits away from Renewal.

Adopters of these habits could well outnumber the Vegans, Buddhists, Technologists and Catholics in times to come. And YOU could begin a RENEWALism Club in your area for that!

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