Our Vision Is To Create A Stress-free Sustainable Future

Many of us, across the world, seek to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Many of us begin work on something and we feel we are fragmenting our efforts instead of possibly coalescing them. Many others simply wish for a better world, but have no idea how to create it. 

The RENEWALism Movement provides a means for all of us to harmonize. To coalesce consciousness and demonstrate how renewal at 3 levels can renew the world as we know it.

1. Self-RENEWAL: Which is about habits that ALIGN us in body, mind, and spirit. Doing so reduces stress, improves relationships, and enhances people’s productivity, focus, and capacity. 

2. Symbiotic-RENEWAL: Which is about habits that CONNECT us with others, with our environment, and with the planet so we may live purposefully, sustainably, and accord respect from deep consciousness.  

3. Systemic-RENEWAL: Which is about habits that BALANCE the multiple roles we play in our lives, driven by labels and processes of our own creation. We can recreate them and renew! 

The RENEWALism Movement is driven by the vision of helping individuals, educational institutions, and business organizations steer themselves through the above three levels of renewal. It envisages the raising of human consciousness to enable the wellbeing of PEOPLE who are driven by PURPOSE to best-use every PROCESS in a way that would be sustainable on our interdependent planet.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – MK Gandhi.


Vision for Organizations

Organizations represent a microcosm of the world. However this is a microcosm in which people are connected through purpose and need processes for their success. Therefore measurability of the impact of RENEWAL Habits on PEOPLE, PURPOSE and PROCESS is possible.

The homogeneity within an organization lends itself to documentation of percentage improvements in performance, productivity, engagement, wellbeing, customer relations, conflict reduction, presenteeism and various other parameters. This helps the organization become more profitable and worthy, and it serves the movement to demonstrate with data, how RENEWAL habits raise human consciousness.

If you represent senior management at a College / School / Other Institution, here is how you can give your students and teachers the edge.

If you are a Company / Business Entity, here are 3 ways to build your bottomline with incredible side-benefits.

RENEWALism begins with conducting power-packed sessions to renew your organization’s thinking – from the management to the frontline. It moves into empowering your teams to do the same. And it is fueled by the Global Wisdom Workforce that keeps your initiatives on track. 

Global Wisdom Workforce