The Movement starts with a Renewal Club in your Circle

2021 is the year that marks the beginning of The Renewalism Movement. How do you play a part? You will have no doubt after you read RENEWAL that this message NEEDS to go out to the world – NOW. So we urge you to start with your world. “Be the change you want to see” – MK Gandhi.

What this means is, 3 steps:

  1. Connect with Sandeep Nath at +91-9650028085 (WhatsApp) and book a time to organize a talk
  2. Bring together at least 9 people in your circle (friends / family / colony mates) to a pre-appointed place (online meeting – like over Zoom/other) for the talk (this is at no-charge and entails no obligations)
  3. Plan 30-minutes a week to chat with Sandeep on the next steps till the club starts to have a life of its own

For Organizations

If you represent senior management at a Company / School / Other Institution, here is a proposal to gain the edge in your industry. This is a fee-based session, power-packed to renew your organization’s thinking about People, Purpose, and Processes. Renew yourself for this decade (…or perish). Read about Sandeep Nath’s talks here.