The cover of this book has my name on it, but I am not the author. I am the scribe for Guru Pranachandra, who is a manifestation of energy that channeled through me. This is his message. 
This message was relayed to me between the 20th of November 2019 and the 2nd of January 2020. Almost every day, I wrote as directed. Characters, concepts, and clarity came to me anew each day, quite the same way they will come to you as a reader.
In January, as I started to edit, I was struck by the simplicity of it all. In February, however, as the impact of CoViD_19 starting becoming known, I began to marvel at how most of the habits Guru Pranachandra articulated were the ones the human species had to embrace, to save itself. 
By March, with the lockdowns, a large portion of the world had been forced into living life differently. And the effect of doing this was visible on the ecology of the Planet. The air had become clean. Animals felt safe. Dolphins returned near cities. And to our surprise, we even had peacocks visit our apartment! 
On Whatsapp, forwards included several poetic messages about how our habits had, in fact, caused us the most harm… and how (to copy-paste one such note): 
The Corona Virus has made us realize that:
1. Humans are the real viruses on planet Earth.
2. A pandemic does not differentiate race, caste, or border.
3. Living a simple life is easy. We don’t need to consume a lot.
4. We can raise billions for the right causes without red-tape.
5. Wealthy urbanites are more vulnerable than rural poor.
6. We – and the kids – can survive without junk food.
7. Oil is worthless in a society without consumption.
8. The majority of people can work from home.
9. We are all connected by cause and effect.
10. We are not the masters of the Universe.
Meanwhile, conspiracy theories also propagated that Corona could be a technology innovation that backfired. Or a carefully-planned method of warfare. Or even a way of turning the tables of the international economy. All that, however, is not significant.
What is of importance is that CoViD has been a wakeup call. A call that we will soon dismiss unless we cement the lifestyle changes into our routines before this is over. Before there actually is an orchestrated technology attack, the possibility of which the Guru has mentioned in the following pages. CoViD was akin to a dress rehearsal for all the players to know how prepared they are. 
For these reasons, I have chosen to put this book into your hands now… urgently… without running it past the professional editors of a traditional publishing house. 
It is my hope that you will appreciate the imminence of the messages contained herein and will do all in your power to reach this book to all the people you can. I will always remain grateful to you for doing so. Because if people relapse into the old ways, with their old habits, that would be a great tragedy. The opportunity to create a renewing world will be lost. And our unpreparedness for another attack would remain unchanged.
Now you might wonder why this book is not being distributed free if the goal is to reach everyone. The reason is simple. As a species, we have been conditioned to only value what we pay for. If – like our ancestors many millennia ago – we had continued to value our mind, our energy, our anatomy, which has come to us for free, we may have had a very different equation with our planet. Hence, for your own good – and for dear Earth – please value the advice contained in these pages.
This book has been written to be read and re-read. The habits recommended in it are to be discussed and debated in families and within institutions. Social groups and professional communities need to explore the multitude of ramifications of the messages that RENEWAL carries. And eventually, it will become a movement, the way Guru Pranachandra has envisaged it. Thank you, dear reader, for starting to be a part of this movement.


Is the human race conclusively set for self-annihilation? As futurists prophesize, are we only decades away from extinguishing the planet? Or are we capable of changing this trajectory because of what YOU start today?

Renewal is about how each one of us can:

a. Renew ourselves at a body-mind-spirit level

b. Renew our society and our environment and

c. Renew the systems we operate with

As of 2020, Renewal is critical, because it is our laxity that has led to the current state of rising personal illness, mindless lifestyles, social degeneration, environmental degradation, and overall moral decay.

Written to serve as a practical guide for everyone’s day-to-day ‘karma,’ Renewal is set in the lives of a modern-day family. It is strung together by the charismatic Guru Pranachandra, whose discourse drives home the vital message: that the world is a mere 30 habits away from Renewal.

Adopters of these habits will be the future Renewalists, who could well outnumber the Vegans, Buddhists, Technologists and Catholics in times to come. And it is these Renewalists who hold the key to save the world from annihilation. 


HABITS: At a Glance 


1. Smile inside and stretch while you laze in bed

2. Breathe consciously for 30-seconds every couple of hours

3. Stay in harmony. Keep invoking the Parrot

4. Get efficient and stress-free with Qigong

5. Enhance control with PACE Awareness

6. Invoke Gratitude, independent of circumstances

7. Cut object dependency

8. Invest your energy in someone younger

9. Organize, and recount your day vis-à-vis your purpose

10. Acknowledge blessings and visualize your future

Symbiotic Renewal

1. Carry your stuff

2. Fortify your diet with consciousness

3. Share your Qigong routine with the community

4. Ventilate, travel, mingle

5. Follow the 10-minute rule for power and water

6. Buy concentrates

7. Plant trees. Gift plants. Gift services

8. Tidy up Space and maintain it

9. Tidy up Time and maintain it

10. Tidy up Energy of body, speech, and mind 

Systemic Renewal 

1. Write a Renewal Message every day

2. Take a systemic decision every month

3. Explore home-schooling for a while

4. Value conscience over gains

5. Meet elders often

6. Learn a new language

7. Use the internet but connect humanly

8. Keep your vehicle perfect, if you must keep it

9. Reduce dependence on medicines and doctors

10. Recycle, reuse, refurbish, regenerate, regrow

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