improve personal productivity, team performance, lower stress, and push profitability beyond precedents

As Einstein observed, you can’t solve a problem using the same level of thinking that created the problem. 

Your problem has likely arisen from the challenges of modern life and business.

Your solution lies in ancient oriental wisdom.


Based on practices from India, Tibet, China, and Japan, we can learn to move energies within each of us. Doing so aligns our Body, Mind, and Spirit as individuals… and it aligns People (body), Process (mind), and Purpose (spirit) as organizations.  

Organization Leaders can take a 3-pronged approach to renew and reinstate healthy, self-sustaining eco-systems. The 3 mutually exclusive and congruent activities are described below. 

Take your pick… but first, what is RENEWAL?

RENEWAL is about how each one of us can:

1. Renew ourselves at a body-mind-spirit level

2. Renew our relationships and our environment and

3. Renew the systems we operate with

Organizations that are aligned culturally outlast their competition, remain relevant, and delight their customers. RENEWAL practices, including Mindfulness, G24, and Purpose Benchmarking, help realign and renew individuals together with their organizations. This process is sustainable as it encourages the formation of habits, which stay ingrained in every person.


Forming a Renewal Club is as simple as announcing 15 minutes in a 24-hour cycle for people across your organization to converge online and engage in a Renewal habit. This could be Meditative Awareness, Mindfulness, Inner Talk Monitoring, Chanting, or Happiness Practices such as visualization, gratitude, forgiveness, and many more.

The objective is to have our facilitators guide your team on focusing inwards, so that the distractive habit of looking outwards is curbed, resulting in higher engagement with self and others at all 3 levels of the Body-Mind-Spirit trinity.

The Body Heals: Lesser Sickness & Absenteeism

When we breathe with mindfulness (awareness of where we direct the air through our minds-eye, viz Pranayama, also practiced by the US Navy Seals), we can breathe into pained parts and eliminate aches. Though this comes to us naturally, the effects are amplified with mindfulness. For example, when we have been sitting at a computer for long, what do we do when we take a break? We stretch our arms out and expand our chest. Why? Because the upper torso had been contracted when our arms were in front of it. So, it had been receiving lesser oxygen, and our body compensates for that.

The Mind Uplifts: More Engagement and Client Delight

Mindful living puts us in direct touch with our inner power. Since it involves our awareness of our emotions, we can check for low vibrations like guilt, shame, anger, fear, jealousy, and the like, and replace them mindfully with higher vibes like compassion, security, self-assurance, love, and acceptance. With practice, this vibe-switching is as easy as changing the body’s postures as we just agreed (from contraction to stretch), A vibration/vibe is merely a posture of the mind. The understanding of this is what adepts like the Dalai Lama use, to stay in blissful equanimity all the time.

The Spirit Accelerates: Higher Productivity, Better Decision Making

The key lies in being mindful of what one can control and what one cannot and letting go of the latter. For it is only in such a framework that we can focus on doing the best with whatever it is we can control. Let’s say Chanda is in the business of supplying pizzas. If she loses her energy worrying about the rising costs of flour and tomatoes during the lockdown (factors she cannot control), she will probably hurt her business. However, if she cements her customer relations with great pizzas well-delivered, she could even charge a premium and grow new customers.

Mindfulness is hopelessly under-rated in modern society. Cultivating this as a habit aligns our own body-mind-spirit, and our relationships / interactions with others.

Economic Model (CLUB): The organization pays a fixed monthly fee based on the number of people that could attend and communicates internally to ensure attendance is maximized. Top-level participation ensures best return on investment.


This activity envisages an hour-long virtual talk with Q&A by the Founder of RENEWALism, Sandeep Nath. The audience will comprise team leaders and above and the subject could be customized for your needs. Popular talks with corporate appeal are:

  • Money For Nothing: Recover The Revenue You’re Losing Daily
  • Leading With Zen: How To Turn Senior Managers into Balanced Leaders
  • Productivity Through Alignment: Clarity of Purpose, Energy & Priorities
  • The Power Of Connecting: Make Relationships An Energetic Experience
  • Mindfulness At Work: How To Push Performance Without Burnout

Once your organization can decrease employee absenteeism and increase productivity and engagement, your top-line & bottom-line increase. And so does the impact of your business on the outside world.

Productivity and engagement are a function of people’s efficiencies and their interplay with people internal and external to the organization. And these parameters are significantly upped when leaders recognize a hole in their bucket and learn to plug it.

This hole is identified by using the Stress Matrix developed by Sandeep Nath. The consequence of stressed employees on business efficiency, revenues, and impact, is monitored periodically by PWC in the USA, and they reported that US businesses lost US$ 300 billion every year pre-covid.

To provide a sense of perspective, this is the equivalent of the entire GDP of Malaysia or Colombia going down the toilet every year. And this statistic is for the USA alone. The scene in India, Mexico, and around the world is no different. And Covid has made the stress situation far worse. The issue is, nobody is measuring it.

After a RENEWAL Talk, you will have the tools to begin stress monitoring and take counter-measures in the covid-compatible world proactively. 

Sandeep Nath will share a 4-point matrix that you and your employees can use for self-assessment and a 3-day Stress-Diagnostic to measure stress levels organization-wide. He will also introduce a blueprint to stay at the coveted AA point on the matrix.

Economic Model (TALK): The organization pays a minimum fee for the Session and once the Stress Matrix is understood, discusses its needs for Stress-Level Diagnostics, Training, and/or Coaching programs and Workshops at various levels.


The 3Ps that drive efficient companies are People, Process, and Purpose. Often, once companies have set these in place, they forget about them and continue business as usual. And even when business sways towards the unusual, these Ps are rarely revisited as the founders had set them in stone.

The RENEWAL of 3Ps Workshop is based on the Habits that lead to the cultural evolution of a group – making it function like a beehive – as ONE entity or organism with neural linkages/telepathy within the group. This is effectively what your company can become, through:

A. Renewal of the self at a body-mind-spirit level [PEOPLE]

B. Renewal of relationships within teams, with clients / vendors / associates, and organizationally with the environment & the planet [PROCESS]

C. Renewal of self-made systems that have stopped serving us, and in fact restrict us with limiting beliefs and passive-conditioning [PURPOSE]

Through the RENEWAL of 3Ps Workshop, participants (typically Senior and Top Executives) challenge existing paradigms and explore incremental changes for themselves, their teams, and their processes, resulting in:

1. Raising of managerial efficiency and effectiveness towards leadership

2. Clear, mindful, and stress-free operations; and

3. Enhanced top- and bottom-lines

The outcomes are driven by the teams over the year, with guidance and feedback from the workshop conductor. The aim is to build measurability into every aspect of the points mentioned above, to document the “before” and “after” of the intervention.

The Workshop broadly covers:

  • The significance of RENEWAL in business
  • Q&A / Demanding issues; Open house
  • Problem/s definition; Participative
  • Reframing the Cultural paradigm
  • Application of RENEWAL; Participative
  • Q&A / Bottlenecks to execution; Open 
  • Execution plan and timelines – Guidelines

The workshop’s conduct can be online or in-person, depending on the wisdom and economics of logistics. The impact remains the same either way

The workshop conductor (Sandeep Nath) will be available for an assessment and (re-)alignment session (virtual) 15 days after the workshop

All participants will have active support from Sandeep Nath (over email and Whatsapp) till the workshop objectives are met

Economic Model (PEES): The organization pays a fixed fee/participant for the Workshop and arranges the travel, stay (if required), venue, and logistics etc. for all concerned. An offsite is recommended and the duration can be increased if required.