improve Student performance, push Staff productivity, Lower Academic Stress and thrill every parent

Once you achieve these four apparently unachievable goals, you will be an institution that Policymakers want to emulate. You will be a case-study worthy of mention at every reputed conference.

RENEWAL Habits will do this for you. Without taking away time or adding to effort of your already over-burdened community. 

How? We will empower your teachers/staff, students and Parents to metaphorically sharpen their axe. A woodcutter cuts more wood in the same time when he sharpens his axe periodically during the day. Similarly your people will focus better, imbibe more, and stay healthy, when they sharpen their minds, bodies and spirits periodically during the day with RENEWAL Habits. 

We have a three-prong strategy for you below… but first, what is RENEWAL?

RENEWAL is about how each one of us can:

1. Renew ourselves at a body-mind-spirit level

2. Renew our relationships and our environment and

3. Renew the systems we operate with

Your efficiency enhancement strategies are easy to improve when you can identify and benchmark your current performance. A Smart School wants to identify the easiest and most direct ways to dramatically improve their performance and build a reputation of influence. RENEWAL does this sustainably as it encourages the formation of habits, which stay ingrained in every person.

Qigong for teachers/Staff

This is a school-sponsored program for the staff in mixed groups (of same or various schools), conducted online. Over 20 sessions of 20-minutes each, they are taught the basics of stress and how to come into cognizance of it (mostly people deny it or attribute it to lifestyle necessities, which is a self-defeating approach).

During these sessions, teachers/staff are also equipped to handle stress by connecting themselves with their inner power (using Qigong) to be stress-free forever.

After the above programs, they continue to practice Qigong in groups and are connected over a WhatsApp group with the facilitator for clarification of doubts and accountability.

As a business, the impact stress has on employee efficiency, revenues, and customer relationships is akin to the work of termites. We do not see it until its consequence is drastic – like the death of a senior staffer or the resignation of a key staff member who parents and students trust.

This impact has been monitored periodically by PWC in the USA, and they reported that US businesses lost US$ 300 billion every year pre-covid. To provide a sense of perspective, this is the equivalent of 4 Reliance Groups or 16 ICICI Banks going down the toilet every year – in the USA alone. The scene in India is no different. And covid has made the stress situation far worse, especially in the education sector. The issue is nobody measures it.

If desired, we can begin with a 3-day stress diagnostic/measurement study and then start to take the counter-measures described above.

Mindfulness for students

This is a school-sponsored program for students of individual schools, conducted online. Over 10 sessions of 10-minutes each, they are taught the basics of mindfulness and the why & how of coming into alignment.

To quote MK Gandhi, “We must be the change we want to see in the world”. This change will manifest the best among teenagers and young adults BEFORE they enter the workforce. Renewal practices based on Mindfulness get ingrained in them as habits and will serve to counter the limited options available to deal with stress in the corporate world and medical system. 

During these sessions, we assist them to bring mindfulness into various aspects of other lives to make it a habit. They are also connected over a WhatsApp group with the facilitator for clarification of doubts and accountability.

As students move into higher education and work, owing to what we teach them about mindfulness, they will make better decisions and perform better. Their immediate results will improve thanks to the life skills taught through these sessions.

Academic excellence can definitely expect to go up several notches as numerous studies show that mindfulness is directly related with focus, concentration, and self-regulation, resulting in heightened effectiveness.

We co-opt teachers into the execution by literally ‘sharpening the axe’ before every period begins. Teachers are taught and empowered to guide students to re-ground, refocus, and renew before they start each class. Soon this will be a curriculum standard.

workshop for parents

This is a Parent-paid workshop (of 4-hour duration) proposed by the institutions to facilitate the creation of a healthy eco-system at home. It is launched after a few batches of the Teacher/Staff sessions so that they become genuine endorsers of benefits.

We jointly produce the communication for the workshop and the institution gets a share in the revenue generated. Students are encouraged to take up this session with their families. Doing so results in vastly improved relationships as families bond together.

We usually plan four online sessions every weekend (in groups limited to 20) and promote the same during the week. As more and more families opt in, the significance of the change in your institution’s energy becomes apparent.

The progress of a student is never in isolation. The home environment plays a crucial role but the school has little to no control over it. This workshop changes that by:

a. Making parents aware of stress-abatement strategies that work, which they can also apply

b. Making students more committed to mindfulness without getting rebuked at home

c. Making parents grateful for steps taken by their school beyond curriculum-based education

d. Making each institution a pioneer in improving physical and mental health holistically

e. Creating a new profit center for each institution