You can be a RENEWAList!

What does it take? What does it even mean? Good questions!

A RENEWAList is one who agrees with the vision of RENEWALism, which is to raise human consciousness through small changes in our daily habits and lifestyle. If you are up for it, you have 3 next steps:

  1. Read about the Habits 
  2. Start integrating them into your life and work
  3. Form a RENEWALism Club in your circle. This is the easiest part. Reach us for guidance

Meet the world's first RENEWAList

Sandeep Nath, the author of RENEWAL, would ostensibly qualify as the first person to don the RENEWAList label. He is an IIT-IIM alumnus, and an International Speaker and Coach on Transforming Consciousness using one’s Inner Power. He is also an Energy Master, Mindfulness Trainer, Tibetan Buddhist, Columnist, and Blogger. As a Coach, he has conducted live workshops across 4 continents.

So what led to Sandeep’s renewal?

During over two decades of directing and setting up successful ventures in the corporate world, Sandeep felt an increasing sense of hollowness and lack of existential clarity among people in general. Extensive studies under oriental masters of lineages from India, Tibet, China, and Japan connected him with the energies of higher consciousness and purpose. Sharing these, distilled through his personal practice, became the aim of this book.

RENEWAL has its roots in Arrive At Success, his first book, which spelled out the formula for success, outlining 3 areas of Oneness: with Nature; Empowerment and Wealth, abbreviated to N-E-W. RE-N-E-W-AL takes a much deeper dive, with a practical orientation that urges us to renew our habits, for sweet survival.

Sandeep lives in India in Delhi. He also lives online at and invites readers to connect with him to make their own stories of renewal outstanding successes.

Other Books By Sandeep

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The RENEWAList who didn't know he was one

Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming writes in the Foreword of RENEWAL, “I believe I have been a Renewalist since long before Sandeep Nath coined the word through this book.” This is because RENEWAL is about bringing back the concept of healthy human existence and co-existence, of which Dr Yang is a stellar example.

After rigorous martial arts training in China since his teens, in 1974 he reached the United States to pursue Mechanical Engineering (Purdue University), and his Ph.D. In 1982, he established Yang’s Martial Arts Association (YMAA) in Boston, Massachusetts, with the intent of preserving traditional Chinese Kung Fu and Qigong. He began training students in the rigors of Shaolin Long Fist and White Crane Gongfu as well as Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. 

Dr. Yang also undertook his life-long dream of teaching and researching original Chinese texts and introducing them to the West through as many as 36 books, over 50 videos and 5 novels. In 2005, he opened YMAA Retreat Center in Northern California teaching five and ten year programs to ensure that the authentic lineage of traditional Chinese arts will continue for generations.

And the saga continues with The RENEWALism Show

Quite like Dr Yang, many of us on this planet have been Renewalists without realizing it. We may have felt the good effects of being so, as we stay in the best of health, happiness, and harmony… but now we have a method to induct everyone we know into this special place! This is why we must form Renewal Clubs in organizations and groups.

When RENEWAL was first launched in June 2020, Sandeep Nath hosted The RENEWALism Show with 30 guests, one every day for the 30 days of the month. Each guest is a practitioner – or global expert – of the habit discussed. You will see more seasons of this Show as Renewal Club members come forward and share stuff. Meanwhile enjoy these 😊