Why Your Service Org Needs RENEWALism and How To Begin

Forget quarterly reports and profit buzzwords. In today’s service sector, the real whispers are rising from stressed teams, disconnected customers, and an ecosystem straining under its own weight. These aren’t mere symptoms; they’re a clarion call for a deeper kind of growth – a conscious revolution. As RENEWALists, we hear that call loud and clear. That’s why we’re not just playing the same old game – we’re rewriting the rules with RENEWALism, a movement for organizations like yours to thrive, not just survive.

RENEWALism isn’t about fluffy workshops or trendy wellness fads. It’s about harnessing the ancient wisdom of body, mind, and spirit to:

  • Reforge your team: Replace burnout with vibrant focus and genuine connection. Imagine laser-sharp productivity fueled by mindfulness and Qigong practices.
  • Rebalance your ecosystem: Conscious choices, ethical sourcing, and a commitment to the planet – RENEWALism empowers you to be the change you want to see.
  • Revitalize your vision: Challenge tactical moves, shed limiting beliefs, and co-create processes driven by purpose to work for people and the planet.

The proof is in the data of early-adopter organizations that are reaping the rewards:

  • Increased productivity by 65% – based on before-after assessments
  • 73% lower stress and sickness – based on absenteeism records
  • Delighted customers – based on increase in reviews

Now you ask, “How do we do this?” Here’s your answer: A robust, ready-to-run RENEWALism implementation system tailored for service organizations with upto 500 people, like yours.

The RENEWALism Implementation System

Phase 1: Assessment and Awareness (Months 1-3)

1. Initial Contact and Orientation:

We connect with your organization’s leadership to explain RENEWALism and its benefits. Facilitate introductory sessions to generate interest and buy-in.

2. RENEWALism Assessment:

We conduct a comprehensive organizational assessment using the 8 Dimensions of Wellness framework (physical, emotional, mental, social, environmental, occupational, financial, and spiritual). This data serves as a baseline for measuring progress and identify areas for improvement.

3. Leadership Development Workshops:

We organize tailored 3Ps (People, Process, Purpose) Workshops for top executives focusing on:

  • Self-Renewal Habits: cultivate mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and personal leadership.
  • Symbiotic Renewal Habits: build effective communication, collaboration, and client focus.
  • Systemic Renewal Habits: challenge limiting beliefs, restructure outdated processes, and align purpose with action.

Phase 2: Habit Formation and Empowerment (Months 4-12)

4. RENEWALism Champions Program:

We identify and train key individuals as “RENEWALism Champions” within the organization. Champions facilitate RENEWAL habits through:

  • Talks: Delivering regular talks and presentations on specific RENEWAL habits.
  • Diagnostics: Using tools like personality assessments and surveys to personalize habit integration.
  • Individual Coaching: Providing one-on-one guidance and support for habit formation.
  • Group Coaching: Leading interactive sessions for peer support and learning.

5. RENEWAL Clubs:

We launch regular, 15-minute online RENEWAL Clubs focused on cultivating specific RENEWAL habits through mindfulness and Qigong practices.Track participation and measure improvements in engagement, productivity, and stress levels.

6. Certified RENEWAList Support:

We schedule periodic visits from Certified RENEWALists for:

  • Advanced leadership coaching for senior executives.
  • Tailored workshops addressing specific organizational challenges.
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the RENEWALism implementation process.

Phase 3: Sustaining Transformation (Months 13-36 and Beyond)

7. RENEWAList Culture Integration:

We embed RENEWAL habits into organizational policies, practices, and rewards systems. Encourage peer-to-peer support and accountability around habit formation. Utilize the 3Ps Workshop learnings to inform strategic planning and decision-making.

8. Continuous Improvement:

We conduct regular RENEWALism assessments and track progress in all dimensions of well-being. Adapt and refine the implementation plan based on ongoing data and feedback. Share results and best practices with other RENEWAList organizations.

Rationale and Alignment

RENEWALism’s effectiveness lies in its foundation on ancient wisdom about the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. This translates to organizations through:

  • Body (People): RENEWAL habits enhance individual well-being, leading to a healthier, more motivated workforce.
  • Mind (Processes): Improved communication, collaboration, and focus streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Spirit (Purpose): Aligning purpose with action fosters a culture of meaning and shared values, driving sustainable growth.

By implementing RENEWALism, your organization can experience a powerful transformation, creating a thriving, purpose-driven environment where all members can reach their full potential.

Know the most important part?

Early adopters become the success stories. Your achievements will be showcased as global case studies, inspiring others and cementing your position as a thought leader in the service sector. This is your chance to be not just a participant, but a pioneer, shaping the future of work and well-being.

Don’t let this opportunity pass. Contact us today and become part of the RENEWALism Movement. Let’s rewrite the narrative, transform your organization, and leave a lasting legacy of conscious evolution for generations to come.

Remember, the revolution begins within. Lead the RENEWAL by booking a conversation.